Can 'Military' Technology Beat Digital Piracy?



I just posted the article Can ‘Military’ Technology Beat Digital Piracy?.

Defense and intelligence alums, including former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci, are marketing a copy-protection system that works by taking control of your computer. Try to hack InTether, the…

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the start of true spy ware. if they can do what they say then it is just as easy for the software to send a distress signal to the maker the next time online after hack session.


So how are they supposed to incorporate this into existing technology, like mp3 and DiVX etc etc. For example, if a user tried to rip a audio song (or a video from a DVD) from a CD it can’t self destruct since the CD cannot be written to… Also, who would want programs that ‘took control’ of your computer? No one would. This is not going to go far me thinks


would it be possible to have the password in order to see the full article ? Thx. ObikeFixx.


seems like the archive is only for (payed) members :frowning: