Can McAfee effect a CD-RW Drive?

I have an HP Writer cd52.

My XP-Pro partition has up to date McAfee AV.

My cd52 burnere can’t “see” a music disc every now and then.
That’s not unusual.

However, now it can’t “see” data on CD-R that it used to recognize.
The media is Sony.
XP-PRO with SP2 thinks there’s no disc in the drive.

I can or could “see” the music disc in my W2K-Pro partition with SP4 that couldn’t be seen in XP-PRO.

After I updated McAfee on my W2K partition, it took several attempts to be able to “see” that same music disc.

Low and be hold, I could see data on my Sony CD-R disc.
I tried several other Sony CD-R’s with data on them but W2K couldn’t “see” them.
I reinserted the first Sony CD-R that W2K had seen just minutes before and when I tried to browse the disc I got a message to please insert a disc.

Why are my discs playing hide and seek with me?


Because you have some software installed that HIDES the CD ATIP from you…

Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD, etc.

I do have Alcohol and CloneCD installed on both the W2k and XP partitions.

This didn’t used to happen.

Well ocaisionaly it could happen on the odd music disc but I could still rip from them because CDex would see them.

It never used to happen with data discs, the very same data discs it can’t see now.

When XP stopped seeing the data discs, I switched to my W2K partitioin which could still see that one data disc.

I updated McAfee and it couldn’t see that same disc that it could see just minutes before.

I’ve since added Daemon Tools but this started happening before I added Daemon Tools.

Is there something I should turn off in Alcohol or CloneCD?

Last night I tried three music discs. Two were released within the last two months.

One is old. I could see and rip the old one when I tried to MONTHS ago. I couldn’t do it tonight.

Last night, MY COMPUTER and CDex could see the old disc and only ONE of the two new ones.

When I tried to rip from them with CDex, I got a message that my CD drive couldn’t be accessed to either read from or write to.
Obviously, in this case the attempt was to read from it.

CloneCD could see all of them.
I made an image of each and booted to W2K where my virtual drive is recognized. I could mount the images and rip from them with CDex.

Sometimes Alcohol wont notice a disc in the drive whereas my old CloneCD will see it and allow me to make an image or copy of it.