Can Liteon drives be made less noisy?

Does anyone know if the Liteons can be modified to be less noisier when the drive door is being opened / closed?

I have 2 Liteons, and it’s really painful listening to the doors open/close, esp late at night!!


yeah, put them in a big soundproof box. :bigsmile: otherwise maybe some spray lubricant on the gears. price you pay when you don’t go tier1.

otherwise maybe some spray lubricant on the gears. price you pay when you don’t go tier1

Already greased :slight_smile:

I have seen cheaper drives with much quieter doors, so that argument doesn’t hold :smiley:

You want to know why they are noisy?

From Lite-On’s specifications:

Gear-Driven tray disc-loading mechaniasm to Improve reliability & life, no any belt-loose belt-broken issue.

Gears make more sound than belts, most drives with very quiet trays have belt driven trays. The problem with belts is that when they get old they may loosen, jump off the wheels which they are going around or break down. Gears make more sound but is more reliable, so if you are hoping for your drive to last some years gear driven tray may be a good thing.

After all I think you could live with the noise when you know that there is a reason for the noise. :wink:


The gears seem to be made of plastic / nylon - at least, the wheels that one can see with the door open.

The noise seems to be made by the door actually sliding out. Perhaps carbon fibre railings / guides for the door might help - not that I can fabricate these! :smiley:

perhaps a wee bit of teflon tape along the rails or underside of the tray might help.

Perhaps. But there is also a risk of the tape peeling off with time. I’m also not likely to use tape inside the burner since the heat inside the drive might result in the tape peeling off and eventually killing the drive :slight_smile:

Watch out with the oil. If you overdo it on the Lite-On, then the eject motor gear will spray oil all over the place, including that pristine CD-R that you’re about to burn. :eek: …I bet you all wonder how I know that… :cool:

I use a little bit of thick silicone grease here and there on all gears/slides. It cut down the noise of my DVD-ROM’s eject mechanism (gear drive) significantly and made ejecting the tray much smoother (Creative DVD 8400E/Panasonic SR-8585).

If you want a really quiet drive, there’s the old Lite-On LTN-302 32x CD-ROM (circa 1998). The tray mechanism is completely isolated from the casing by rubber damping. Belt drive. Not very good with audio extraction, though, and it only uses PIO-4. The only aural downside is that it makes a loud pop when the tray ejects and knocks the flip-down door out of the way.

My cousin has an NEC DVD-ROM with a belt-drive mechanism and it sounds like someone forgot to use the clutch when shifting gears; it’s absolutey godawful. :a My HP 8200a / Sony CRX120E/140E wasn’t much better.

It’s amazing how these multi-naitonal Japanese corporations put out such mechanical unrefinement. :Z Lite-On is light years ahead of some of these companies in many respects…

Thanks. I wouldn’t want to use oil too :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I have a Yamaha 8x burner and also a LG 8x DVD. I was thinking maybe it’s time to retire one of those and see if the door mechanism can be used for the Liteons.

They’re extremely smooth and quiet. Can’t bring myself to murder good drives, though :stuck_out_tongue:

what noise?? How often do you open and close the tray??
It is just the night. When everything is quiet you hear even the smallest sounds…I gues you are a bit scared of noises comming from the dark…:bigsmile:

Well, I have normal hearing. If you are not able to hear the noise, I guess we have no common ground…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, being deaf has it’s advantages, try it sometime (sorry dear, I didn’t hear what you said :smiley: !). My Liteon does seem a bit noisier than most of the other assorted drives I’ve used, but, what with all the noises from the fans in the PC (no side cover so the heat can get out quicker!) that’s the least of my problems. The tray is noticeably slower in operation, though. My Sony was like a rocket, by comparison. But I don’t care 'cos I luv my Liteon.


Which model is your Sony? It’s probably a Liteon too!!!:smiley:

my old teac 6x…he made noise when closing the tray…i always thought it would exit from the rear…my lite-on is not that bad with the noise

Funny thread.

My 24x don’t-remember-the-name CD-ROM makes less noise then my Lite-On but I haven’t thought about it before. But my Lite-On really doesn’t that much noise. Intresting though :bigsmile:

I agree, funny thread.
Do you really think it sounds that much? :slight_smile:
I don’t hear anything… Well I hear that Delta fan… But not much other sounds… :bigsmile:

I can barely hear my Enermax fans with manual adjustable fan speed(adjusted to my acceptable level, which is very low :bigsmile:).

Some Lite-On’s is not so noisy while other screams a bit.

My LTR-32123S is very quiet while The LTR-40125S is a bit more noisy.

why don’t the engineers from Liteon make a magnetic open/close technology that would be noiseless.

I don’t think my 32123S is very noisy. I have 3 Papst 120mm fans, a delta @ 7v…So my case is quiet overall.


Magnets ruin computer parts, thats why you aren’t supposed to use magnetic screwdrivers with your PC or put your sub next to it.