Can liteon drioves copy cd+g discs

Hi all whitey ere. Im a private member of software kingdom. Im off to buy a new cdrw drive and a mate skingdom send me ere. ive had a plextor drice for a few years now and i use it soely for backing up cd+g (karaoke) cds. From what a gather plextor are the only drives that can backup these cds. Im looking at going for a liteon drive the 52x/24/48 drive. It looks good but my only reservation is whether it can backup cd+g. Can this drive do this. From what little iknow it needs to read RAW mode and subchannel data? well thats all jargon to my. Any help would be apprecaited. Thanks in advance. An experts touch needed…

cheers and have a a great new year…

steve (whitey)

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Liteon CDwriters can READ all subchannel data and WRITE all subchannel data so i guess that means it can. Of course when backing up a CD+G disc you will have to use software such as Clone CD that supports raw reading and writing but you already know this since you do this already. Of course i would get some more validation on this question before you run out and buy the cdwriter but as far as subchannel data goes the Liteon CDwriters can read and write all subchannel data.

thanks for that help apprecite that a lot mate. Can anyone else shine light on this situatiion??? a definate yes or now wouldbe nice. Thanka in advance



my LiteOn`s
48125S and 52246S both can copy CD + G Discs

Yes I can confirm that Lite-On CD-RWs will copy CD+G discs (with the necessary software, I used CloneCD). I used my old 24102B and copied dozens of them.

I recenlty purchased a new Liteon 52/24 in the hope that I could copy karaoke disks ie CD G.
I use CloneCD but on extraction, the Text is not read,
The Liteon web site, states that it can write CD TEXT but not read.
if this is correct, How can I extract the text from the cd?
Also, when I tried to copy a CD G karaoke disk the tracks are copied, but no text.
am I doing somthing wrong, have I missed somthing out or is the 52/24 not compatible for CD G?

ok thanks for those replies guys that helped a lot. A little worried at the end though. I think that perhsps you are not copying the cd correctly you need to try cdrwin abd ceck the cd+g box. I have always used this program to copy karaoke even though clonecd apparently can as well. Anyway if you need the software pm me with your email address and ill attach it or can upload to your ftp (if you haveone). I would hope hat that new liteon drives can read cd+g aswell since its the new once im going for. Apparently you can flash the bios of the 48 to make it a 52???

thanks again



You can buy the LiteOn 52x writer, as it will read and burn your CD+G discs. You can use Alcohol 120% with the Audio CD+ profile to read and burn your backups. You could use CloneCD, but it does not includes any profiles.

but you can easily find clone cd profiles to use. Probs a search for them will yield them. Otherwise I can post here or someone else can.
For the most part in Clone CD you can just use these settings for karaoke CDs:

Karaoke Audio CD’s:
SubChannel Data from Data Track : No
SubChannel Data from Audio Track : Yes
Fast Skip Error : No
Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner : No
Don’t repair SubChannel : No

shadoe_phantom: you’re right. but why wasting time searching for profiles, when Alcohol already has what you need?

shadoe_phantom: you’re right. but why wasting time searching for profiles, when Alcohol already has what you need?

Thanx for the above advice, I downloaded the Free trial of Alchohol, and I can confirm that the Liteon 52/24 does copy
Thanx again