Can liquid-cd be trusted?



I’m from Canada and I’m looking for some ISO back-ups and was wondering if I can trust Liquid-cd. Also, does anyone know of any good dealers from Canada or the USA that sales ISO back-ups? Thanks.


Yes, Liquid-cd can be trusted, and fast too…



Just give it a try and you will understand why everyone thinks liquid rocks!


Geen bad words about Liquid, they are trustfull. One thing they should upgrade is there way of handling e-mails.
but there service makes that up.


Sure thing, they can be trusted, i always receive my cd’s with in a week.

Very good dealer

Keep up the good work liquid


whats the turn around to the US …anyone from the us order from liquid-cd…thanks


These guys are super! Fast shipping, perfect service!


Liquid is one of the best dealers around!


Thanks for all these reply’s

We always try to do our best…

The Replicator


Liquid cd is great. You can trust them


You won’t be ripped off.
They are one of the best


I heard that liquid cd must be good.



We’re back online (after 1 day down ) and updated all the pages.

Just wanted u all to know

The Replicator