Can LG 4167b read/write DVD-RAM on W2K?


I have a 4167b that won’t recognize Maxell DVD-RAM disks at all on Win 2000. I’ve read some posts that suggest trying Nero InCD and hacked Panasonic drivers. I installed InCD but it does nothing (when I click on the button in Nero, nothing happens). Links to the Panasonic driver no longer work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Your problem isn’t Win2000, unless your OS is messed up. The Panasonic driver is by far the best way to go, InCD is pretty buggy. Win2K has no native writing ability.

Here’s a copy of the one I’m using in Win2K with my 4163. (self-extracting archive, 2.5 MB)


I second what rdrgrimes says. Have been using the hacked panasonic driver (which is what his link will get you) on win2k with a 4167B. Works great.

Apparently, one of the main faults of InCD is that if something goes wrong while you are writing to disc, the whole disc can end up blank. With the Panasonic driver, if something goes wrong during a write (e.g. you add a file to the disc and get an error message), don’t interrupt the process. Leave the drive alone until the drive light goes off. You can then eject the disc safely. The Panasonic driver will set your DVD-RAM disc to the state it was before you tried the unsuccessful write (i.e. before you tried to add that file). So you don’t lose any data.

Btw, uninstall InCD first. You can’t run both at the same time.

Thank you! That Panasonic driver did the trick, I’ll tuck that away in a safe place. :clap:

I’m disappointed with LG that they don’t offer their own W2K drivers. End users shouldn’t need to hack another vendor’s drivers to make their drive work.

Got nothing to do with Win2000. They don’t offer any drivers at all, just InCD with the retail drive bundle. Not sure why InCD didn’t work for you, but consider it a blessing.

OK, I jumped the gun and got happy too soon. After installing the Panasonic driver, the drive managed to read a DVD-RAM disk once. After that, it failed to read them.

It gets worse. I decided to chuck the DVD-RAMs and try DVD+RW instead. I get constant “Focus or tracking error” problems, among other things. I’m not the first. Others have had the same problem, possibly due to overheating. I’ve had this damned burner for one month. What did it replace? An LG DVD-ROM that started to fail after a year.

LG just lost a customer.

It’s always easy to blame one thing or another. Usually, the most common thing is to blame the drive or the media. But there’s nothing posted here to suggest this is a drive problem. There is, however, evidence that you have a driver issue going on. If this is the case, replacing the drive will probably not help. If you want to do some basic troubleshooting, please post your system specs. In particular, your chipset, IDE configuration and IDE controller driver version.

You did not try to use a DVD+RW disc like a DVD-RAM disc I hope? Because that Panasonic driver works only for DVD-RAM discs.

I apologize, I was very grumpy with my last post. I know I shouldn’t so quickly blame the hardware. I’m on the road right now, but off the top of my head, hardware specs are:

P4 2.8 GHz
Asus P4P-800E Deluxe
1 GB DDR-400
Enermax 460W PSU
MSI 6600 GT
Maxtor 120 GB SATA
Win2000 SP4

Edit: Not sure about IDE controller version, I’ll need to get home to check that, but I’m stuck on the road for another week.

The drive is the master drive on secondary IDE by itself. I’ve tried Panasonic drivers and InCD. I got the drive to recognize a DVD-RAM disk once using the Panasonic drivers, but it has failed ever since.

For the DVD+RW burning, I uninstalled the Panasonic drivers. It burned the first two disks at 4x perfectly, then blew up on the third and fourth tries. I’ve since managed to burn a DVD+RW by lowering the speed to 2.4x.

I read somewhere else on these forums that NAV 2005 and Alcohol have been known to interfere with some drives. I’m certainly not giving up NAV for the burner, but I will try uninstalling Alcohol when I get home. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try disconnecting some drives (although my PSU is a good one and Asus Probe shows no power warnings).

If your IDE controller driver is anything my the default MS driver, remove it. Remove Intel Application Accelerator if that’s running. If you have any Alcohol virtual drives running, disconnect them and disable virtual drives BEFORE uninstalling Alcohol.