Can it play pc burned media



I have the DMR-ES15 and have recently bought a PC. I have bought some T.Yuden DVD-R’s to burn camcorder footage on and was hoping to them play them on the DVD recorder.
When the 100 spindle arrived from SVP the first thing I did was to put on in the ES15 to check it would read it- it did.
I then edited my footage and burned the AVI file on the PC to turn it into a DVD-VIDEO, which the ES15 manual says it should read.
Does ES15 however have a problem reading PC- recorded discs?
Since encountering this problem I have put in subsequent Yuden discs in the ES15. The first one I used to record something off the TV - it recorded but then started grinding and errored on the finalising.
Then next few then wouldn’t even be read by the machine. Finally I got one to read, I took it out, put it back in and it didn’t read the second time. Is it this disc brand that is the problem (I understand TY02 dye is one of the best though).
The footage is playable on two Sony machines and two Phillips machines I have tried the burned disc on. They also recognised the blank Yuden discs when put in.
I also tried another brand of -R disc which read the blank first time in the ES15 machine but after being burned on PC it wouldn’t read saying “unsuitable format”.
I have read on some forums that it may be worth opening up the ES15 and cleaning the spindle. It is out of warranty however as the PC burned software is the only major problem with it (save some U61 U88 errors occasionally) I’m not sure I want to risk destroying the machine if I don’t put it back together right or damage the parts.
Help please. Should this player be recognising PC burned discs? Should I buy some +R’s and try those…(+RW don’t work either it just wants to reformat them when inserted)


The ES-15 will record to and play + discs, but is more native to - discs. Every +RW discs will need to be reformatted the first time it is installed, as well as +R DL discs.
The grinding is not a good sign and you should clean the spindle ASAP. If you don’t you risk ruining -+ R unfinalized media. Every time a recordable disc is inserted in any DVDR there is a test burn that is burnt to a area near the center of the hub. If the disc slips during this test burn it can render a disc unusable.
If you want to try a little test to see if your disc is slipping check out this link. I actually am currently doing this to one of my ES-15’s that is very hard to get at, and I don’t want to disconnect all the wires to clean it correctly.
Can’t answer your PC questions, since my PC cannot play/record DVD’s.


My Panasonics of 2005-2007 manufacture function much better with DVD-R media.

As with any electronic device it is best to disconnect the AC cord for at least an hour or so before opening the case.

Servicing the DVD drive is a simple fifteen minute procedure on a DMR-ES15. One should exercise caution as the DVD drive is close to the power supply section found out in the open on the DMR-ES15 motherboard. Detailed cleaning procedures may be found in posts on this and other forums.


Today I replaced the largest electrolytic capacitor in the power supply of one of my DMR-ES15 models where I observed capacitor leakage when I serviced the DVD drive back in December.

Capacitor replacement requires disassembly to the extent of removing the chassis motherboard from the machine. Be sure to observe capacitor polarity before removing the old capacitor and soldering in the replacement capacitor. Different model Panasonics use electrolytic capacitors of different specification but all seem to be of the 105 degree maximum heat range.


Thanks guys…
I haven’t yet been brave enough to open up the ES15 to try to clean it but I did try a technique mentioned on the forums of using saliva on the disc which may clear the ES15 spindle up a bit. First T/Yuden disc inserted it read it as it did with subsequent ones. So it looks like it’s the PC side of things I need to sort out…

I have got a relative to burn a DVD-R on their PC and it played fine on the ES15.
I looked up the disc info on Roxio Creator 9 LE and it says the disc is closed.
When I look up my T,Yuden burned disc it says the disc is open. Presumably this may be the problem. Why hasn’t DVD maker closed the disc. Can it now be closed or should I try to burn my AVI file to DVD-VIDEO with another programme (any suggestions for free ones which don’t leave a watermark). Roxio won’t burn it as the AVI is far too big so I need something like DVD maker (which works though) which turns in into DVD-VIDEO before burning…