Can it burn an image or text to a disc?

I have a Sony Dual Layer RW Drive Model # dru-810a. I am new to this. I have used the writer to write data to it. I want to know if it will write an image or text if I bought the correct discs? If it will do this, what discs are recommended for this?

I run Windows XP Home Edition on one PC along with Linux/Ubuntu.

I am wanting to back up data on pcs to reformat pcs. I don’t want to use a sharpie unless I have to. I am also intending to create a scrapbook dvd of pictures, so I want some better technology to write on the discs. I know that there are printers and labels out there to do all this, but I only want to print text or a simple image on the disc.

I am trying to conserve cash at this point, so that is why I am trying to find out if the device I have will do the simple things I want. I do not need some elaborate device that will write the discs quick. I understand that plenty of time will need to be alloted for disc writing.

Anyway, if anyone can help me out with this, I would appreciate it.


Welcome to the forums Brandy.

If I understand your post, you wish to print pictures and/or text on the top of the dvds. Your particular burner doesn’t support Lightscribe or Labelflash, so you would need to purchase an inkjet printer and inkjet printable disks.

If you are in the US, you would need an Epson printer, like this one: and printable disks, like these:

Both of those are just examples, but reasonably good choices.

If you purchase a Lightscribe capable burner, the total costs would be less, but you’d have to buy special disks for that process. Here is an example of an IDE interface drive (like your current Sony) that can burn images using Lightscribe on top of the disk:

And here are Lightscribe compatible disks:

Again, these are just examples.

You’ll also need Lightscribe software. This thread here at MyCE shows a good, free download. Look at Mr B’s link in post #5.
And you should have the latest Lightscribe System Software which can be downloaded for free from here: