Can it be?

I have a PLEXTOR 8432A(FW 1.09) with 256ram and I use WinONcD and cloneCD (and clony too!).Copying with WinOncd works perfect on the fly too(only for data)B U T when I use clone to make a cd-image(SD2 etc…)at 17-20% of progress ALWAYS the buffers go at 100% at notime and the progress freezes!!!I cant understand it!Please help.Please?

When making an image with CloneCD, CloneCD writes the files to your harddisc. Your harddisc cannot cope with all this data and the proces freezes for some time. There is no need to worry about this because the image will work fine.

You don’t have this problem with on the fly copying because on the fly means copying directly from CD to CD-Writer so the harddisc is not used and only your RAM memmory.

I also have the same problems sometimes. It helps to turn of all other apps running in the background…


Thank you and ok with that but about the buffer overrun??Is told that if this happens...copys over! Sould I wait them to get down again?Because none of my friends have to deal with something like that.To them it usually go to 5% and then 0% again immidiatelly.All aps are closed…I think!I did wait for 1 min and nothing happened!Something else that could it be or should I wait more?I don`t wanna use other copyers.I see which is the best…!

I think eiher I misunderstood you or you misunderstoord me:

Buffer underruns can only happen when recording the image, not when writing the image to harddisc! Like I said your harddisc is too slow to write down all data into an image but that’s not a problem. It will take a bit longer that’s all. When writing an image to harddisc, data is going much faster when writing the image to a CD-R. For example:

MAKING AN IMAGE: can be up to 32X (5MB+ per second)
WRITING THE IMAGE: can be up to 8X (1.5MB per second)

You see? Your harddisc has to work much harder when making the image so that’s why you het a full buffer when making the image. Writing the image from harddisc to CD-Writer is a far lesser strain on the harddisc.

A buffer underrun is not likely to happen when writing at 8X. I hope I’ve explained it :slight_smile:


Yeap!!Thank you for the explanation.Ill wait longer to see what will happen cd writters light is off when the progress freezes like when I dont have a cd in the drive.Anyway I will wait more and tell you the news!

You are the best! thanks.

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[B]Yeap!!Thank you for the explanation.Ill wait longer to see what will happen cd writters light is off when the progress freezes like when I dont have a cd in the drive.Anyway I will wait more and tell you the news!

You are the best! thanks. [/B]

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

BTW: It’s normal that the CD-Writers lights go out. No data is written to the harddisc when the buffers are full. It will continue when the harddisc has written the data and is ready for new data…


Well,Ive perfectly copy NBA LIVE 2001 and CULTURES copy protected with SD2...I just put the reading speed of PLEXTOR at 8x(about 15min for 71min data...)and everything went ok!!Buffers didnt go even up to 10%!!5% for a momoent and 0% again(cd-image).
Once again thanks.You were realy helpfull.
:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :wink:

  ps:If I ever have any problem you `ll be here ok?

Yeap!CLONECD is…almost perfect!

Originally posted by syblegma
ps:If I ever have any problem you `ll be here ok?

Sure :cool:

Well…here we go AGAIN my friend!!!I get a perfect cd-image but and a perfect buffer overrun(Ole for the Clone cd)!!!At about 2-5% of progress.Why the heck is this happening?I use as firmware 1.07 cause with 1.09 it stucks easier!!AND STILL THE SAME THING!When Im writting with WINONCD everything are excellent.Why??WHY?????Please!?!?Im thinking that they dont support PLEXTOR well...!About Plex 12x,does it worthy or should I buy the 16x??I dont hear any news about it or firmware upgrades… I need help!Should I try with Nero??

What’s the problem? CloneCD gets a buffer overrun when reading? Like I said before this doesn’t matter… CloneCD boosts the reading speed so that’s why it could cause a overrun as you call it. Set the reading speed to 8X and see if it helps.

About 12X or 16X: go for the 12X. It’s cheaper, very good, and supports RAW. The 16X doesn’t! And an entire disc will only take a minute less: not really worth the extra money :slight_smile:


Mmm!!!Ok thanks.Is thinking the same about 12x or 16x but I didnt know about not supporting RAW!!!!!This is bad,really bad!Anyway,Im starting to think that something is really wrong with my clonecd.WHY I GET BUFFER OVERRUN WHEN IM BURNING A CD?Ive tried different cds but with all the same result.I `m surprised about that with Winoncd I get a copy on the fly too.That means that the problem is with Clone(???).Is it something with my RAM?I have 256 at 100 with C Latency 2.Should I try with C L 3?Thank you very very much fot supporting me so much!:slight_smile:

The RAM shouldn’t be a problem… But I think your harddisc is the problem! When writig on the fly your harddisc isn’t used cause data goes through your RAM directly from reader to writer. When CloneCD is used it reads and writes the image to your harddisc.

When burning at 12X with CloneCD your harddisc has to deliver about 2MB per second! Not very much but I think it’s too much for your harddisc. Have you enabled DMA on your harddisc? Or maybe it’s just time for a new one…

Ps. When writing the image and your buffer goes empty, this is called a buffer-underrun :wink:


Hoh,yeah buffer underrun.:rolleyes: is the right one.Yes Im thinking of buying a new hd...Ok I will set dma on for my hd and Ill try again but Im starting to get worry about Clonecd. About Nero??(Im not feeling good asking that…I want to become a FAN of Cloencd!)
But why Winoncd have no problems?Isn`t that means that my system is ok?

Like I said: When using on the fly with WinOnCD your harddisc is not used…

It could also be a CloneCD problem, I can’t tell from here. What kind of harddisc do you have? Is it very old?


With Winoncd I use on the fly only with data cds.With audio cds I make a cd-image first and…etc.My HD is Western Digital caviar 13.6 GB but its working at Udma 33 cause of my M/B(Abit BH6).I put DMA on and the buffer(in Clone…global…)at 9,56(the default was at 5,98 with 4x and the burning was a success!!!(T H A N K Y O U ! ! )
Is it wrong if I let the buffer size there?And the DMA og my HD on?

Seems we’ve indeed found your problem. The western digital Caviar is very slow. Try burning at lower speeds or buy a faster hd.

Yes that was indeed the problem I think. Maybe WinOnCD uses a bigger buffer size then CloneCD does. Just leave the settings that were working ok and the problem should be fixed. I myself have a UDMA 66 harddisc and it workes just fine at 12X…

Greets !

Thanks a lot guys!You were really really helpfull.I’ll let the settings as they are hopping that everything will be ok!
:slight_smile: Yeap,something like that is happening with winoncd, more buffer.I will tell you the results of 4-5 game copies!!!:wink:

              My regards!:D

Well guys,I`m copying without any problems anything now but the SD2 protected cds work only with a patch right?

Thanks again!!!:slight_smile:

Yes that’s correct. Some Plextor burners can copy SD2 with success, others have problems… When it doesn’t work your writer can’t do it…