Can it be done!

hey guys

i have been buring dvd’s for a while now, but lately when i buy a spindle of dvd’s i seem to notice something! when you look closely at a dvd in the centre there seem to be some like air bubbles, is this normal or can this be used as grounds for an exchange?? coz i am sure the life of the dvd must be shorter if there is air bubbles in between the layers

also i am not buying supercheap media, i have got ritek, richopj01


That’s pretty normal.

Those bubbles are because of bad bonding of the layers.
Under perfect manufacturing conditions this should not happen. The problem with those bubbles are that the media could split in to 2 halfs (occured to me once with super cheap “DVD-R” media :sad: since this i only buy Made in Japan DVD blanks).

The only brand I have noticed this on were my Optodiscs, other than that though I got good burns still with them.

yeah so it seems to be the norm then, so can i exchange em??? coz its pretty easy to split the dvd into 2 coasters!!