Can it Be Done SVCD to DVD+R?

Hello I am trying to Make DVD out of some SVCD’s (3 svcds in total) i copied all three to my hard drive and i used TMPGEnc Plus to merge all three files, but when i did that the picture came out alot smaller then it was before, does anyone know how to fix this and i would like to put it on DVD+R disc so i can play it on my Home DVD player, i heard someone said i had to turn them into vob files but i am still lost.

please need help with this any suggestion or guides even personal experiences are welcomed i really do appreciate any help.
TAURIAN :bow: :bigsmile:

DVDLab can re-author your SVCD’s to DVDR. However not all DVD Players are able to play them, so do one to test it out.

Check out the guide at