Can it be done at the moment?

Hi sorry for this thread, but I’ve been gone for almost 3 weeks and the search didn’t give me the results I’m looking for.

Can we copy SD2.8 (and higher) and SecuROM NEW games with the following programs:

  • CloneCD4.1.0.1,
  • Alcohol120%,
  • BlindWriteSuite 4.2.3?

3 weeks ago these protections were not copyable, can you please say we can at the moment…

And I’m talking about 1:1 copies.

Yep it is possible with both Alcohol and BlindWrite. In case you haven’t noticed there have been created 2 new subforums about these two programs - spend a few time reading the threads there and everything will be clear for you :wink:

The new version of CCD (due to be released in the imminent future) will probably be able to do the job too (read this thread. )

Thanks, you’re the only one who answered my question.

Because no-one answered my question I searched all forums and I used the search (I’m doing something wrong there) to get an answer. I found the forums you mentioned and I’m glad “we” have defeated the protections, again.

Actually there is a detailed post in this Forum and the CloneCD Forum listing what can and can’t be done at the moment :wink:
I might have answered before Hemi but I took my wife out to dinner after shopping. See, I do get out :smiley: