Can I ZIP a DVD movie and send it?

I want to ZIP a movie and send it to be unzipped at location. Can it be done?
How? Best program(s)?

Thanks much.

The whole movie, huh?

I’m pretty sure there is no SMTP server on the planet that will let you send a file that large, sorry!

If it is a rm it should be possible.

Hi all,

Whether you face a four gigabyte file size limit in Win98, or have a friend with 3 (three) megabytes of e-mail storage (thanks AT&T WorldNet!), I have long wondered about this.

Some versions of MS-DOS used to have the concatenate command, but I think that was dropped long ago. I do not believe the Linux/Unix “split” and “join” commands would help here. They were designed for text files with frequent carriage returns, not binary/executable or multimedia files (linux and unix take the DOS batch-file/script concept TO THE EXTREME, as you may know).

I used to use PK-ZIP to span big anti-virus updates across multiple floppies, does WinZip or 7-zip allow this on a larger scale (say, 5 to 10 megs per chunk)? I downloaded StarOffice 5.01 (57 Megs) in seven reasonably-equal chunks (6.75 hours on dialup!) 5 or 6 years ago, so I know it is possible.

I suggest sourceforge because when I searched for “zip” on freshmeat I found nothing but “sponsored” links (although those may be good too). You can probably find a standalone tool that doesn’t require other stuff (like BitTorrent requires Python) or need to be compiled (I consider myself something of a geek, and compiling even scares me!).

If you find an acceptable tool, and are willing to have many chunks, this may actually be easier than sending CD/DVDs or hard drives (or Iomega ZIP discs) through postal mail (EDIT: especially in places where mail routinely “disappears”, which are NOT always third-world countries BTW!).

EDIT: Many audio/video file formats already use compression, so when you zip them up, you won’t save much on total size (bytes sent). Breaking them into manageable pieces will be your only benefit.

Let us know what you find!

burn it and mail it…

you can send 1 chapter at a time which shoulf fall just under 1GB (.99GB) and send each via but this will be painstakingly long, it will probably be easier via snail mail like drpino suggested

You Could WinRar it and split it into 4Mb Files then email them 1 at a time. :bigsmile:

:eek: That sucks I have done that for a 200mb file and I thought that was crazy. I can only imagine the size of the movie.

Dude…I was only joking! I’m with drpino. 200Mb? Thats Dedication rfjr23 :slight_smile:

You may want to give this program a try. This a quote from the site "ratDVD takes a full featured DVD-9 movie and puts it into a highly compressed .ratDVD container format file of about 1.x GB in size " After you do this you could always rar it and then email.

Talosian said that he wanted to zip a movie but we dont know how big it is, it could be an rm that is only a couple hundred of mb or a vcd that is only 1 gb.
I would be helpful if Talosian told us how big the files are.

You could zip it up with WinRAR and the do a direct connect with AIM or maybe if that person set up an ftp. It would take a realy long time if its a big file. You wont be able to do it thourgh e-mail just because there mailbox wouldnt be able to hold that much.

i agree witht he aim sending but time is a very big factor :a

It really didnt take me to long about an hour but part of that was winrar. I got a decent connection. I thought that it would have been quicker. I didnt want to start it and not finish it :disagree:.

Even if it was only a couple hundred mb that is still a long time. I know from experiance, and will not do it again. :iagree:

You can do this if you got someone on the other end saving them;) but like above post for any reason next time time I will use the snail mail.