Can I use TMPGEnc Xpress to add subtitles?

Can I use TMPGEnc Xpress to add subtitles? I have a few video files and I have the subtitle file for it (.ssa format). Can I hardsub the sub into the video using TMPGEnc? If so, what subtitle format would work with TMPGEnc? Thanks.

You can either use VobSub or use VirtualDub’s frameserving capabilities
( 0. transform the working .SRT/.SUB subtitle in .SSA - Substation Alpha - format; 1. load the AVI 2. Video__Filters___Add__Subtitler and load subtitle.ssa 3. File___Start Frameserver (movie.vdr) 4. load the .VDR framesering file with TMPGenc).

To have the frameserving capability activated, double click , in VirtualDub’s directory, on auxsetup.exe and select ‘Install Handler’.

Thanks. I figured out how to hardsub using VirtualDubMod, but thanks anyways.