Can I use the PAL upgrade on US NTSC recorder



My wife is currently in the US and I want her to buy the LVW5005 for me to use in Nigeria (PAL B/G). Will the recorder work well, what limitations will I have and can upgrading the recorder with firmware for UK PAL recorder correct the issues. I will appreciate response from people who had been in the same boat.
Thanks in adavance.


Isnt There Anybody Here Who Can Hazard A Guess? Or We Couldnt Just Bother?


Your best best is to:

There were a few Australians posting similar PAL questions without much luck. But US and UK machines have different connectors (SCART/sVHS) and firmware and probably even hardware.

You should also search this forum:

for PAL conversion.

Good luck.



I think your question was answered in your post at the liteonusers forum.