Can I use the high speed media in my drive?

I have a desktop with xp my internal cdrw drive is an LG GCE-8526B 52x35x5 its the latest model I have nero express with incd
I have been using 4x disk media and its awfully slow
Can I use the high speed media 12x or 24x with my cdrw burner ?
I only use the cdrw media because I only use the drive to only back up my personal data ( my documents folder ) and not for music as yet …
I have been using memorex because in chicago area , thats the only media I am able to find …and most of the media in compusa or office max is dvd and for cd drives its mostly cd-r media not so much cdrw’s discs… so if I find cdrw I am lucky but its going to be memorex office max has cdrw in 4x or 12x , when I put in the 4x cd , I notice the speed where the look in is …is whited out so I can’t change it from 4x even If I had a 12x disc I went to the LG web site and could not find anything on recomended cdrw media or the speed I am supposed to use on my cdrw drive …So I have no idea if a cdrw12x or 4x will work in my 52x cdrw drive …

HI zalman,
I have got the same drive. Yes you should be able to use up to 32x cd-rw’s.
Here is an address for this drive. yes it listed as a GCE-8525B but that is because one is oem and the other is a boxed product.

Currently I am only using 4x cd-rw’s myself. That is because I have bought any new one yet my old writer only handled 4x.

Thanks Ed , I appreciate it, I am backing up [my documents]contents on cdrw 4x and its taking forever , I am going to try verbatim 24x from micro center online store …
Sincerly Zalman

Use some CD-R as well - CD-RW media is generally less reliable, and if you use packet format, you compound the risk, as it can lose what was already there with every new write.

I use RW for “briefcase” storage ONLY… testing and temporary file carriage.