Can I use official 2.16 f/w update over my OEM 2.15 f/w

I used official update on my 1300A from NEC site and it worked ok, except that after a few months was getting coasters and power calibration errors. So I reflashed it and it worked fine again. That was yesterday. Then my 2150A arrived and my mate installed it for me, swopping it with the 1300A and now I want to update the f/w to the latest. I am reluctant to use hacked f/w as I cannot afford to keep replacing drives if they mess up. But what is difference between retail version and OEM, except lack of packaging, cables, software and the letters OE in the serial code. Is the NEC warning just a cop out of supporting their own hardware at budget prices or is there something extra I get if I had spent £225 at PC world instead of £49.95 at (apart from the box {environmentally unfriendly}, the manual {available from } and cables {well I just used the ones from my old drive})

I’m a newbie to this particular forum, so please help. Thanks.

Could some please help me? I’ve not had a single reply and I’d really like to know. I’ve gone through all the posts going back a week so far. Is this forum just for hacked f/w?

Patience please :bigsmile:

YES, you can use firmware version 2.16 over the 2.15 on your drive :wink:

The official 2.16 was release specifically to update 2.15 drives, so yes you can update to it. :slight_smile:

Hi i got one the other day the first thing i did was put (not official) 2.16 on the drive

also at argos the drive is a freecom and is i think 99 but still the same drive

says so on the tin :slight_smile:


Muckety buckets everyone. Thanks for the help and advice :bow: