Can I use Nero 6 with new Burners?

Nero 6 is now a couple of years old or more, but I really like it. If I get a new Lite-on that comes with nero 7 or 8 but decide to use nero 6 instead will nero 6 work still 100% with with the new burner. I think maybe lightscribe might not work but thats fine with me anyway never use it.

Is there any problems other than lightscribe not working if I use nero 6 ?

If that new burner is in a new PC running Vista, no. If not then yes. Lightscribe does indeed work in Nero 6. When I got my I/O Magic (Samsung SH-182M) it came with Nero 6, and after installing the LightScribe software it works fine. Because of Vista they gave me a free upgrade to Nero 7, but like you, I decided to stick with 6.

I use XP