Can I use Nero as a demoversion?

When I tried to install it on my newly format machine it says ‘nero not detected’ the problem is I deleted my old version of nero and I cant find nero and the language pack anywhere on the net. Can someone give me links on where to download it? I also need the language packs too. Thanks!

Hi Mr.Pink, welcome to the forum!

Nero v5.5.10.42 can be downloaded from (found it via the search function, more results here!).

Thanks Gamefreak for the reply, but You didn’t answer my question. Can I use Nero as a demoversion? Im asking this coz I have to know if my copy is whacked so I can download it again. Thanks again.

Well if you have already tried to install .54 and it asked for a previous installed Nero version I would presume it can only be used as an update. And since you asked for .42 I gave you a link. Please try to install that version first and then upgrade to .54. That should do the trick I think. Btw, the Nero website mentions that .54 is an update, but I can’t conclude from this if this version cannot be used as demo version too…

[i]Please Note:

The update CANNOT be used for upgrading to a higher Nero version (e.g. not from Nero 5 to Nero 6), just to update to the latest available version within one sequence: e.g. from Nero to Nero

Free Nero 5.5 Update

the update can be used for updating from any previous installed Nero 5.5[/i]