Can I use my LG GSA-H10N with Nero CD/DVD-Speed Quality Scan

HI, I just wanted to know if I can scan my burned discs using my LG or does LG doesn’t support that. When I use my drive to scan the quality with CD/DVD Speed I can’t push the start button. It can not be pushed. So do I have to do it in another way or doesn’t support this drive scanning for PI and PIF errors.

Thx, dinodini

LG drives do NOT support any scanning capabilities. You’ll need a BenQ, LiteOn, NEC, Pioneer, or Samsung drive to scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

I tried using the registry hack of CD/DVD Speed. I can press the start button but a message pops saying “The unit doesn’t allow this function”.

I have just bought this drive also, and been having some great results performance wise. They also playback great without any problems. But when you scan them using a Benq drive they results seem very overegzadurated and give bad jitter and high PI errors. But if this were true they would not play so good. ???

Just would like to know if there is any truth in this. Thanks !!! :disagree: :bigsmile: :iagree:

Yes, that’s true, using a BenQ drive to scan discs burned by the H10*-series may show high results, whereas using a LiteOn drive doesn’t. So don’t waste discs in trying to get the best scan results. If they play well in your standalone player, there’s no need to burn them again.

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Thanks for the answer to my question KTL. I was sure it wasnt giving the true reading. So its just the H10 series then with the new reneses chip.

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