Can i use my laptop to back up dvds?

can i use my laptop to make backups of dvd movies? i just bought a external dual layer burner and was wondering if my laptop could handle it?

i don’t see any reason why it won’t handle it well just remember to keep the speed down for a good copy.

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thanks i guess now is all about learning how to back them up and copying them.

try dvd shrink. also, if u r gonna use a laptop with an ext. dvd burner i hope you have HI-Speed USB 2, cos it’s AWFUL slow with standard USB 2…like ripping @ 0.7x max, for starters .

say osters how can i find out if i have hi speed usb2? and do i still need to shrink the back up if im gona burn on dual layer ?

use nero cd speed to do a burst rate test and post the result.


good question. it may mention it in the motherboard documentation or the PC docs. mine don’t make any mention of it; until yesterday i was ignorant - i thought that usb2 was usb2 and that’s that. BUT this is not so. . . i bought a pioneer 109 and an external usb to ide case to house the 109 in. it works fine on both my destop PCs that have gigabyte pro 1000 mobos. but when i tried it on my asus p4533-vm based PC Windows said “you are trying to connect a HI-Speed USB device to a non-hi speed port…” and i said OK, shutup and install it you loser ! however ! max ripping speed of a dvd is 0.7x - 2hrs 21mins !

with usb 2 hi-speed everytthing works as normal and FAST.

as to shrinking, no, not unless u want 2 dvds on the 1 dual layer dvd

also, i just checked my sister’s notebook specs…looks ok, note how it mentions usb 2 hi-speed @

well i checked the specs on mine and only says 4 usb ports, i also have a 4 pin 1394 is that as fast as a high speed usb?

Oster you think im better off going with an ide burner and getting a usb case for it, i can still return the burner i have 30 days cost me like $230,would that solve any issues? or speed things up?

yeah i just had a look myself the laptop does have USB2 so you will have no problems with speed
Im not sure if films have any copy protection on them so that might be worth finding out

Oster you think im better off going with an ide burner and getting a usb case for it ?
thatz all the external usb burners are anyway - an internal in a USB case. so ,no. either way you get slow with external unless u got hi-speed. as for 1394, no way, cos it comes in a hi-speed as well
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is it possible/expensive to upgrade the USBs on my laptop to a HS USB2 or should/could I just install a DVD burner?

One thing that is going to slow you down is the hard drive speed. You may want to upgrade that as well.

this is all news to me. wtf is with the complications of Hi speed usb2.0 and usb2.0. I guess I have regular usb 2.0 on my laptop then. I had to buy a pcmia usb2.0 card, and i dont have the manual for it so i dont know what the hell it is. Im guessing its not hi speed, otherwise my burner would burn at the desired speed and i wouldnt get buffer fluctuations. can someone reccomend a pcmia hi speed card for me

how can i tell which is a hi speed card or not? Im looking at staples and they have a belkin thats listed as Hi-Speed usb 2.0, but when I click on the product it saids nothing about hi speed on the description or the picture. the regular and hi speed both are listed as 480mbps. so how can i find out what im buying

  1. What is USB 2.0?
    USB 2.0 is the next generation USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface technology which enables you to connect multiple devices
    (such as hubs, printers, mice, joysticks, keyboards, etc.) to your computer. This technology is also referred to as Hi-Speed USB.

from that article theres only two types the 1.1 and now 2.0 usb

usb 2.0 is old. i’ve had it since june 2003. what the hell is a hi-speed usb 2.0? they’re both rated as up to 480mbps and none of the so called hi-speed usb 2.0 has the label “hi-speed” on any of the cards or boxes. So how am I suppose to know what I’m getting?

if theres a faster usb 2.0, then why not call it 2.1 or some shit instead of confusing the market.

ACKO I did a burst rate and these are the results,
burst rate 27MB/sec (27834 KB/sec)