Can I use my Benq1620 to do PI / PO scans?


I know kprobe only work with liteon, but I think I read in another thread that the benq822 could do some PI / PO showings somehow?

Can someone please fill me in?
The only way I determine today if a burn is good or not is to use cd/dvd speed that come with nero, and just check the reading curve.

I own nec 1300,2510,3510 and benq1620. Im pretty sure nec cant do this, right?

The 1620 (if not others) does not report PIF (PO), yet at least.

You can use DVDInfo to do scans similar to kprobe.

Can anyone confirm latest f/w for 1620 does Po scans? i have heard new firmware adds this function

All benQ fw did po scans, the problem is they have to be so high to see it displayed its usually a coaster.

Dvdinfo and speed3 both do pi/po scans on benQ drives, but till new updates come out you will only see pi and jitter on good burns, and it will scan at 1x max speed. this will change once nero speed3 is updated and dvdinfo will soon follow after that.

Me thinks at higher scanning speeds that maybe we will see some PIFs but who knows. Erik the author of CDspeed3 is working out the details on speeds 4x, 6x, and 8x and may have a solution soon. :wink: I have not tried the new firmware, but I doubt it was ever lacking PIF(PO) support more that the benq is such a good reader that it really takes a bad bad disk to see PIFs.

Ahhhhh. I was misled.

Thanks for the clarification Ken.

Just got my benq back from rma…any news on the cdspeed update at higher speed scans?

Erik posted in a thread in this forum saying a revised CDspeed should get us a full reporting of variables. He gave a screenshot in this thread. The revised CDspeed should be out soon, be patient :eek: .

great news!

Well good news/bad news. Erik said he’d probably post a newer version of CD/DVD Speed later Saturday, but it only works with the 8x burners, not the 16x burners. A new firmware or CD Speed (or both) will be needed for the 16x burners. Here’s his post: