Can I use dvd fab to rip an iso from a dvd?

topic says it all… I used to use dvddecrypter to bckup my dvds… but that software is becoming outdated quickly.
Can dvdfab do this/


ok… I have the software… how do I do it??

Open the program, depending on what you want to rip you can choose one of the options in the leftsite bar. If you want a complete disk copy… select complete disk. In the middle upper area of the window you see two bars… one source one desteny… your source is probably your dvd drive. As a desteny, you can choose either folder, or iso file… (at the right of the bar you see an icon of a folder… if you want to store it to a folder… next to the folder icon you see a ‘disk with a blank page’ icon for ripping to an iso file…

If you have iso as source open Fab select source iso>select target > select quality>start…if not do as above poster suggested…pretty simple!..

ok-- for some reason it was pulling vob files and not making an iso.
I’ll try again.

Here is the button you want to push:

Also, if you still have the VOBs you can use the Write Data mode to convert them to ISO.