Can i use dvd fab shrink3.2? whom may concern or to any one can help me in this problem that i have with shrink.lately i have a problem with shrink,i use to burn with shrink,but now i can’ my question is can i do it with dvd fab 2979?or what can i use ? is good to have a backup,in case something gose wrong.i do a lots of burning,dvd cd mp3,you name it i do.i really apreciate all the help i can get.thank you GOD BLESS.BILL FRANCESCHINI

Hi wm.franceschini and welcome.
Yes, you can use shrink. I’m guessing you’re talking about dvdfabdecrypter v., which will rip the entire disc only and has no burn application. The retail versions of fab are complete and will burn also.

Express will always compress, unless the file size is smaller than an SL disc or you have enabled DL burning (make sure DL burning remains unchecked if you want to compress).

Gold will never compress and will always split to two SL discs unless the file size is smaller than a SL disc or you have enabled DL burning.

Platinum is comprised of express and gold.

Hope this helps.

I’ve never used Shrink, but from reading I dont think it burns. I know shrink will burn in conjunction with the old DVD Decryper which is no longer updated. From what I understand shrink has a setting to start DVD Decrypter. Several people use DVDFab Decrypter to decrypt then the other 2 programs to finish the job.


Mack, you’re correct when you said shrink doesn’t have a burn app, but the later versions act like they do, ie., you can click on the burn tab within shrink and if you have nero installed on your system, it will burn within the shrink appication. You can, of course, use dvdd and Img as well, as you usually would. Personally, I don’t use it much, but it’s an excellent application.

Hi wm.

Yes you can. I use Shrink with auto burn using Decrypter on 98% of mine. On some of the newer ones you will need to first rip with DVDFabdecrypter, then use Shrink to open files (video_ts in dvd folder from Fabdecrypter temp) and continue as usual.

I use DVD Shrink, the program was “altered” back in late March as I understand it, It now gives you the option output of ISO and Burn with ImgBurn, if you have it installed, it works very well with the files created by DVDFab Decrypter