Can I use CloneCD or Clone DVD to create a working backup of a protected DVD Game?


Here’s my problem, The Sims 2 The Pets expansion pack is on DVD, and it’s protected by Safedisc 4.60.000.

How can I, either, make a DVD copy, or an image in CloneCd or CloneDVD that will play, and not come back to me, saying “Please insert The Sims 2 Pets disc and select Ok to retry”.

I’m not bothered which it is, Dvd, OR image that has to be mounted and run in CloneCd or CloneDvd.

I have 2 DVD writers on my PC, but no DVD or Cd rom (an Aopen DUW 1608/ARR and a Sony DVD RW DRU-510A).

I hope I can find a way of making this work (if it’s possible!), and can find a way of saving myself the price of a new copy of this game every 3 DAYS, since it’s release ( due to a teenager who couldn’t care less about who is paying for these games, therefore doesn’t take care of things, and the disc gets scratched beyond use in this time - he has ADHD and Aspurgers Syndrome, plus other illnesses, which means he is EXTREMELY volatile and violent at the drop of a hat).

Is it possible for me to use CloneCd or CloneDvd to save money and my wifes and my sanity, not just with The Sims 2 Pets, but other games on DVD too? Can somebody help please?


Sorry, don’t have any answer for you. But I DO have the same problem! My daughters and friends are constantly playing with the SIMS2 Pets and the CD (is it a CD or a DVD?) is now becoming scratched. I want to make a back up just in case. I would also love some help!!!

Thanks to all, problem sorted, I’m now one happy chappy, but unfortuneately it wasn’t CloneCd that helped…

Thank you…

how did you do it i want to know