Can I use an Internal Desktop DVD writer with a Laptop?




I have a Internal Desktop DVD writer, but my computer is busted. I also have a good laptop, and want to connect the writer to the Laptop. I have seen connections for Laptop drives to Desktop, but not the other way around. Can anyone help me?




Does your laptop have a firewire or USB 2.0 port? if so the best option would be to look for a good external enclosure, check this thread out , also firewire is a better connection so if your laptop has it you should be looking into an enclosure that supports it.


Mr. Brownstone, I hope this is not hi-jacking the thread. Do you know if a Firewire card in the PCI bus will transfer data as rapidly as Firewire onboard?



I dont see why not, as far as im aware PCI slots run in two modes either 33Mhz which will give you a transfer rate of up to 133MB/s and at 66Mhz it will give you a transfer rate of up to 266MB/s, even at 133MB/s thats more than enough speed for the fastest of hard drives, So as far as i can see the PCI bus will not cause any bottlenecks, and therefore should be capable of the same speeds as the onboard versions :slight_smile: