Can I use an Enclosure to make a PX716A/SA into an external?

I was wondering, is it possible/smart to use a 5.25" enclosure to make a PX-716A/SA internal drive convert into an external drive? I’m asking because I don’t feel like installing another internal drive into my system, but I need a drive that has EFM-burning capabilities…
Or, do you guys know if the PX-716UF (external version) is EXACTLY like the internal drives that can do EFM? Thanks.

Yes to both questions.
You can put the 716A into an enclosure and it will be recognize as 716UF in Plextools. I use an enclosure with Prolific PL-3507 chipset, running fine.

hey. thanks a lot for the response.
I thought it’d be fine too, but I was asking because, I e-mailed Plextor tech help and they said putting it in an enclosure might lead to overheating and failing… What enclosure is reliable, in your experience? Does the 716UF have EFM capabilities too?
And, I’m new to this forum…is there a list of EFM capable drives?
thanks again.

here is a enclosure i use for opticals that has built in cooling, works great for me

To be honest, one of my friend’s 716A TLA0202 failed (cannot burn DVD) within 2 months after he put it externally. He used Plumax enclosure with 50 watts and fan though. We don’t know whether was the drive or because the enclosure is bad.

My 712A is in an enclosure for quite a while and still good.

I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass but, did any of you guys ever use Iomega’s external drives? (I just want a drive to burn games good on :-P…) it’s way cheaper than plextor’s external so…haha.
The 712 should be just as good as 716, right?