Can I use a USB2 case with DVDR?

I’ve ordered a NEC ND2500A and was wondering if it would be OK to use in a USB2 case (As I don’t have a firewire card and the cases are more expensive anyway)?

I know there is a CPU hit but since I won’t be using it constantly this is not a problem for me.

it will work. Firewire costs more, but can save money in the long run. I have a usb2 case with my liteon 811, but can’t hit 8x without a lot of burn proof. I’m now on my third external case for my hard drive, which is firewire at last with the oxford 911 chipset, because none of the usb cases gave read rates good enuff to burn from external HD to external DVD even at 4x. The firewire has a built in processor much like a graphics card and thus relieves MUCH system stress ( I used to get 100% usage burning from hd to dvd at 2x, and I have a P4 1.8 Mobile), and greatly increases data throughput (don’t be fooled by the 480vs 400 Mbps). However, some ppl get good results with USB2 at 8x but I see far more problems than good results. Try and get a firewire card.

My experiense with USB 2.0 cases has been very hit and miss. The same case may perform great on one machine and poorly on another. I stick with firewire now simply because it works very consistantly reguardless of the machine I connect it to.

if you’re planning to burn at high speeds (8x and up) i don’t think usb 2.0 is for you… otherwise… i think it’ll get the job done

It’s possible to get a case that does both USB 2.0 and Firewire, and I’d recommend doing this. That way you have a lot more flexibility in the long run, you can always add a PCI FireWire card to your system for about $20 at some point, and if you bring your burner with you places, you have the option for both.