Can I use a PC to finalize a DVD created on the DMR-EH50?

I created a video DVD using the DMR-EH50 recorder. For whatever reason, it was unable to finalize the DVD when I told it to. And this happened about <1% of the time. But now, I have these DVD’s that could not be finalized by the DMR-EH50. Are these disks useless coasters now or can I use a PC to finalize them? The videos contained on the unfinalized DVD are still viewable but only so on the DMR-EH50 recorder.

I just dont want to lose the DVD’s or their content. Is this all lost?

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For what I know ImgBurn is able to finalize a disc.

Insert the disc on a PC burner, then go to menu Tools --> Drive --> Close --> Disc

I don’t know it for sure because I don’t have a standalone recorder so I cannot do a test by myself :frowning:

I don’t believe your PC will be able to finalize the discs. I have several discs like that. I wrote on them “playable only on Panasonic DVDR”.
If you had 2 DVDR’s your best bet would be to play the DVD on a Panasonic recorder, then record the image realtime to the other recorder. Then finalize the other disc. Note you will lose image quality since you’re making a copy, but it shouldn’t be too bad if using a fast enough speed.
Note I believe one possibility on what causes these type of discs is if the disc slips in the spindle during recording. Most of the time I’ve noticed this happen it is followed by the recorder making a grinding noise, and possibly a Self Check error on the machine.
You might want to search this forum for tips on cleaning your spindle on the DVD drive. It’s not too hard and takes less than 1/2 hr(once the machine is on your table). It’s bound to only get worse as time passes. Making more of the same type of disc.
After cleaning several of my machines I never get those type of discs anymore.

Edit: let us know if geno888’s tip works, I’d also like to know, I’ve never tried it.

Wow. A wealth of information. I will at least give the software suggestion a try; followed I’m sure by the spindle cleaning. And yes, I’ll post the results.

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Well software says the DVD is empty. Windows also views the disk as blank.

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I thought that might be the case, but nice to know for sure.
Then your only option would be to either delegate the disc to only play on the Panny DVDR, or play it on the Panny DVDR and record it real time to another DVDR. Finally finalizing the other DVDR.
Note any Panny DVDR will play the unfinalized discs, but it must be a Panny DVDR, no other brands.