Can I upgrade my CPU?



i am wondering if i can upgrade my CPU with a better one, as it is starting to slow down. i have a Compaq Presario S5200NX…yes, i know its old, but its been very reliable for my needs, and i just dont have the money to buy a new one… it is a 2.7ghz celeron with 1gig of ram. the only thing i’ve added to it since new, is a 512 stick and a radeon 9250 card.

my board specs:

Motherboard Supplier ASUS
Motherboard Name Manufacture name: P4G533

HP/Compaq name: Echo
System BIOS Supplier ASUS/Award
Form Factor uATX
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Socket Type mPGA478
Processor Family P4 and Celeron (Willamette, Northwood)
Proc. Front Side Bus Freq. 400 MHz

any help would be great


Yes. There are several socket types. You need to find out what socket type your is, e.g. socket 478, socket 370, etc.

Then look for a new one with the same socket type.


You can upgrade to a Pentium IV,but it has to be a Pentium IV Processor with
Willamette or Northwood Core.


nakkor, Your cpu is not worth upgrading, the performance would not increase much. I would just wait to buy a new pc.

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I think, there should be a increase in performance if that crappy crippled Celeron is replaced by a Northwood PIV.
Another bottleneck might be the HDD (and possibly a messed Windows installation).

But I agree to the others, I wouldn’t spend much money on that system.



yes you can upgrade the cpu having done so myself. a useful website to visit is:
run the software and it will tell you the P4 cpu as this POS PC has a 400mHz mobo so you have to find the right cpu (they cost a little more). Anyhow once you get the info from here search the internet for the best price. i go one for $200 or so also throw in another stick of RAM for good measure if not already done so.


well, for 200$ you can get a modern cpu+MB+RAM and more, rather than upgrade old technology.

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I believe I’ll have to agree with some of the others just save up some money and get yourself
a new system. I see no sense throwing money into an older system just to find out its still not
going to do what you want it to do on speed. I’d have to say especially now days since the price
of new PC’s is so cheap you’d be better off buying a new system or better yet build you own PC
that way you get exactly what you want. It is not that hard to build one even if you’ve never had
any experience of working on or building one before. :wink:


…In short, people are saying that a new motherboard with a better processor is the way to go. And in all likelihood, a motherboard that takes better RAM. Advantage of this is that modern RAM (DDR2/DDR3) costs less than standard RAM (DDR).


A frind of mine had that exact Compaq model.
It is very low end.
-Processors must be 400FSB…I think there’s a 2.8
-Northwood 400FSB that would be the fastest but hard to find (eBay).
-5400 RPM hard dive.
-IIRC, there is an empty seat where the AGP slot should be.
-PC2700 memory

Too many deficiencies to make upgrading this board practical.
What I have done on the cheap with a box like this is to install a D865GLC board.
It’s still quite old but it is a full-featured board and can take most all the Northwoods.
On-board video with an AGP slot in waiting.
Dual channel with 4 ram slots.
Hyper-threading with correct CPU.
Send a PM if you want more info.

You still [B]may[/B] have to look at your power supply.
Might not be worth the trouble.


Dont even bother get anything new to that computer…


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2114704]Dont even bother get anything new to that computer…

I agree with this recommendation. Any upgrades to that system will cost much more money than what that system is worth - and even then, its performance would be nowhere near as high as that of even a cheap new low-end system of today.


You can only go sofar with an upgrade, might aswell get board, processor and ram. I recon you’ll be looking at £120 for something like an AMD 5000 with a board an 2gb ram!
That’ll boost things a bit!