Can I upgrade from Clonedvd to Clone dvd

I own the original version of Clonedvd, but would really prefer to use does anyone know how/where I can get this without having to pay for it again…like if there is an upgrade?


Sorry Pal, you gotta stick with what you buy…

No just kidding, the upgrades are free, just goto the website and download and install on top of your current version

LOL! I loved that sorry pal $hit :iagree:

Can I get the upgrade from Slysoft, and what will they need from me in order to download it? My friend set up the program for me…not sure how/where he got it originally.

Yes you can get it from slysoft or Elby

Elby link for download

slysoft download

If you got the program from your friend, it sounds like you need to buy your own copy.

Just download it.