Can I upgrade firmware if LG Drive is slave

I just purchased an LG 4163B

I have a Plextor 716 as the master drive on my secondary IDE channel.

I am thinking of installing the LG as the slave.

However, on the LG website, it says that when you upgrade firmware, the LG drive has to be the master drive.

Is this true? Will I ruin the drive if I try to upgrade the firmware as a slave?

Do I need to switch the plextor and the LG drives?

You may as well make the LG the master. Actually, LG recomends that it be the only device present while upgrading. But it upgraded ok for me when I left another device connected as the slave.

LG suggest this to reduce the chance of failure. The drive will flash in either position, it is however much safer to do it with the drive on the cable alone as a master.

Brother Vlad