Can I upgrade - Atapi 24x10?

I have an older drive. When I run nero info it shows up as ATAPI CD-R/RW 24x10. I believe this is a BenQ. I went to there site and updated the firmware: p.jj==>p.qj. I want to overclock the drive but don’t understand how I can determine (i) if my drive can be upgraded and then (ii) how to do it. Will mtkflash do that? If yes, what speed can I expect. Thanks, from a true newbie

Well, you’d probably be the first to try. I don’t think that mtkflash will work with the drive, so you might have to try other means.

Naive question, but does the current mktflash upgrade a drive to the latest speed parameters? I’m not clear on what exactly this flash does. If that doesn’t work, where do you suggest I go?


I suggest that you don’t even waste any more of your time because I doubt anything that you may try will work.

If you want faster speed, then it’s definately time to buy a new drive.

I’ll take that advice! Thanks