I own Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum whose CD label creator application does not include any DVD case templates. I’m not interested in upgrading the complete EZCD application since I use other applications for authoring and burning DVD’s. However, I like and understand very well the above mentioned CD label creating application. I assume the last version of this application(which I suppose includes DVD templates) comes with the newest version Easy CD & DVD Creator. However, since I’m not interested in the complete program, is there any way to upgrade just the CD label creator part? :smiley:

Have you updated your version to the lastest version (5.3.5 I think) because they did add DVD support into this program so they may have added the labels that go with them.

Other than that I don’t think you can update just the CD Label Creator. It’s kind of all or nothing.

Yes, I updated it and, indeed, it supports DVD data burning.
But so far, the label creator does not include any DVD template.:confused:

i think in that case then unless you can import or design your own you would have to update the whole program.

Or I suppose buy a different label program.