Can I update my TDK 241040B FW with Liteon?

Hey All,

I currently have a VeloCD 241040B with 57S4 F/W

Is this really a rebadged Liteon??
If so, would it benefit me to upgrade it to a Liteon via F/W?



Yes it’s a Lite-On.

You may use mtkflash and a binary firmware if you want to turn it into a real Lite-On.

Benifits? Only better program support and you may use the newest firmware for it.

btw, check my firmware collection. I have a new 57SA firmware which you may use without converting it to a Lite-On, this at least gives you better media compatibility.

thx Freak…Ill give it a shot…and BTW…keep up the good work on an excellent site…