Can I update Cyberdrive CW058D to Cyberdrive CW078D?

HI i was wondering, since Cyberdrive CW078D is 40x12x48x, mine is 32x12x40x. would it work if i flash the Cyberdrive CW078D firmware into my cwo58d?
thnx in advance

hmm bump no answer?

I’m 99% sure that this is not possible.

But wasn’t there a 36X cyberdrive availible? You could possibly upgrade to this one. But don’t ask me how since I don’t know much about writes based on oak chipset (and mtkflash do probably not work with these).

hmm thnx alot, but where can i obtain the 36x model?
i thought it’s only comes in 32x (cw058d) and 40x (cw078d)
correct me if im wrong.

It’s called the CW068D, although it doesn’t seem to exist on the CyberDrive site :rolleyes:

I’ve seen it on sale, but I can’t find firmware or anything for it!

dear bilto, or oc freak,
would it possible if i update the cw078d into my drive? anh how would i do that? cuz there is no bin. it’s only an exec file.