Can I Trust: ''The Warez Crew''?




I want to buy original Twilight cd's by The Warez Crew.

But first I want to know if I can trust them. So has already someone ordered cd's by The Warez Crew? If yes, what are your experience?

The URL of The Warez Crew is:


The Unforgiven


I still must have something from them.
(no cdz)
They should send me a twilight but i never get one.
This all happend in febr
So i should look for someone else!!!



I bought cd’s 3 times from the warez crew, and I all got them within an week.
But it is true that some people didn’t get their cd’s.


Hey there, ordered TL + 3 games and they delivered everything within a week…

  • Azidbrain


Ordered first week of may and sent them f. 60,= but didn’t receive anything. They don’t answer their emails. Don’t think I’ll order there again!


Look, we don’t keep any personal information of our customers.

When people orders something they need to put a paper in the envelop, beside the money for the order, with their order, adress and email adress on it. If one of these things are incomplete we email this person (ofcourse if he did wrote his email adress)if that’s impossible we can not do anything else than waiting for his email, and ofcourse when they mail us it’s our fault.


The Warez Crew,

And here is our email adress: incase you forgot it.

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Nice to see you’re capable of replying in this forum within a couple of hours and obviously not capable of replying to an email within weeks…

BTW in the letter I sent to the adress mentioned in your mail, I sent a copy of that email and my adress, so what’s the problem???


I don’t know who you r, so I can’t check that, but mail me your adress and order.


The Warez Crew,


Just mailed including the original mail. Hope to hear from you


Well what about me when do i get my …
I maild you ,you reply,I GOT NOTHING!!!
I Post a topic ,You reply :" every thing is coming next week"(this whas 3 weeks ago) and still got nothing .
Still Waiting !!!


Wizzard, I still didn’t receive any mail of you.


I really don’t know what to say… I ordered the twl 47 from Warez Crew… sent my money … with my order and e-mail address. I even enclosed a return address sticker so there would be no confusion. Thats been about a month now. Lots of things can happen though … lost in mail some where over the Atlantic. Dog ate it … Postman doesn’t like people anymore. I never recieved an e-mail either but its interesting to me about the amount of people having this problem. I’ve been dealing with NBR-Bytes in the past and thought I would try these guys out. At this point I have no choice but to go back to the tried and true. This is unfortunate indeed.


Just mailed it again, including the answer you sent me, where you promised to sent the cd’s (TL 47, 45 and 43) last sunday. Still received nothing!


Well we did receive your email today, and your cd’s (Tl 47 and Tl 43 NOT Tl 45, because we didn’t say we gave 2 away
are posted !

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You realy suck!!!
Stupid asshole.



He Warezcrew, what about my two cd’s: Need for Speed 5 (US-version!) and Unreal Tournament CD1?


there are still a few dealers who are honest.


scarface or snoop

or try me…


EEEHH Larek,

You’re forgetting us… you know!
We’re almost 3 years online now and still rocking like hell. With all satisfied customers :wink:

Oh well anyone can make an error :slight_smile:

The Replicator


Eindelijk zijn ze zojuist dan toch gekomen, beetje laat, maar eerlijk is eerlijk ook een beetje mijn schuld


He Warezcrew, please add a reply about my two cd’s: Need for Speed 5 (US-version!) and Unreal Tournament CD1.