Can i trust quality scans from aopen 1648 AAP Pro?

please check out this scans made with cd-speed 3.80, scanned with aopen 1648 AAP PRO.

It shows a qualityscore of 98 but there horrible pie and pif numbers.
Is this normal for aopen scan?
Is cd-speed considering this scan behauviour of the aopen drive?


Unfortunately cdspeed does not take into consideration pie’s. I think there is a real problem with firmware G7V9 and if you are not going to flash to retail B7V9, I advise you to flash to an earlier oem firmware like G7T9 or U9. Having said that, Ritek R03’s vary considerably in quality lately and others are switching to more reliable media ie. TY’s or Verbatims.

See this QS? It plays without a freeze and rips back to my hard drive just fine. You have to take QS with a grain of salt. Only sure way to see if you have problems is to rip it back to your HD and play it in your DVD player.

To address your question, the quality score only looks at PIF and given the poor score your PIF would have in any drive made for scanning I would have to say it does. You need to divide these numbers by some constant if you want to compare them to a real scan and even then you will find a significant variability.

All things considered, I would reduce the scan speed to 4X and rely on the job Eric did with CDSpeed to get it to work with ROM drives. In this case that means concentrating on the quality score.

I have burned more R03 than I care to think about; I would say if you stay at 8X with your BenQ and if the R03 is from one of the good batches you will have very good burns. If you have some of the poorer R03, it is still good enough. The bad stuff scans with low PIFs and the PIEs are from 50-100; the good stuff has PIEs in the teens. They both have a very high error count, however.

How does the quality scan looks like when scan in BenQ 1620?

Boy do I feel dumb. :eek: I didn’t notice he even had a BenQ until I was asking what he burned on and at that point my brain was down a different path. Of course, use the BenQ.

Sorry chas, I didn’t mean to. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that the AOPEN scans at 32 ECC, so if you want to compare with BENQ wich scans at 8 ECC then you have to divide by 4.
Here’s one of my AOPEN scans (burned with NEC 3520 at 8x Z-CLV) :

The same disc scanned on a NEC 3520 with 1 ECC :

i can´t run the quality check with my oem firmware (no pif´s reported) i had to crossflash to retail “B” Firmware.

But i stay with oem firmware because there are some quality issues with oem benq´s and i will not risk to void the guarantee if the drive deads.

but if i divide the scores of the Aopenscan like Gomboc said with 8 i can compare it with the scores of the benq drive.

thanx a lot for the quick replys