Can i trust NBR -Bytes?



Hi all out there !

Can I trust nbr bytes ? I have heart they take only the money and you get no Cds but has them as a sponsor !!
tell me your EXPERINCES !!!


Always got cd from him in about 5-7 days in Germany. That’s all


100 % reliable.

Cds arrived after 5-6 days.

NBR-Bytes,Warezmaffia and Speedycrew are the best at the moment.


and larek too


I have order Maxxx 6 on monday from Nbr and i got it yestarday. This is very fast ship system.

Sorry for my English

Ps Also Liquid is very fast


im in the usa and it takes 5-7 days to get to me…thats very fast compaired to 30 days+ from some others…there good but NBR is better…try them you wont regret it…