Can i trust NBR-Bytes?



I want to order Crazy Bytes 46 from NBR-Bytes. Does anybody know if they are respectable? If not, can you give me a hint where to order?



i do,ive never been riped off by them…and ive been riped off by a few who love to take your money and run…


I always buy from Nbr-Bytes and always get my cds in 1 week, the only one time the cds have take 2 weeks but maybe also a postal delay.



No problem for Nbr it’s are the best…


for my experience, I can say: you are calm.

The cds after the exit arrive in a week

Big dealers, big service


sorry but j’m three week for waiting tw43 and j haven’t received any replay to my email



maybe NBR is good to ist customers, BUT to its supplyers NOT, we sold a big quantity of cds to NBR Bytes, and STILL this nice Italian dude didnt pay it!, he ignores our mail, and not answer our icq messages, so our advice is, DONT buy at NBR, we guess that NBR stands for Not Buy heRe !, and to Master from NBR mail us soon, !




do you think this is the place for dealers to fight…it just hurts all dealers.makes them all look dishonest…


No, offcourse not, I dont fight inhere, I only hope that the guys from NBR mail us now!, because they ignore ALL our mail!, so this is our last way of trying to reach those pretty lame guys…