Can I trust 'Hanmonu'?



Can sombody tell me if I can trust 'Hanmonu'?


Absolutely no prblem: I ordered 3 Tazmania copy-cds: I received them max. 1 week after sending the paiement (Belgium). Very good quality cds. You can trust them.


thanks for the trust in hamonu!!!

tempory there is a problem with our site. is no working at the moment use

#4 doesn’t work too?!
and either, do you have a new site?


Hee Guys (and Hans)

Send me an email and I can tell you all where you can get cheap webpsace for warez sites.

Hans, your CD’s are on the way … (Gerard)


thanks gerard, but mine site ie working again. i speek to you latter on this week
this evening we have crazybytes 48 on stok
so pre order at hamonu