Can I trust a CD Speed test that comes up with 0 errors



I do not believe this is related to other thread in this forum regarding kprobe not working. In that case kprobe does not seem to do a scan at all and comes back with 0 errors. When I test with CD Speed it does seem to do the scan but comes back with 0 errors. For both C1 and C2 it shows 0 errors for maximum, average and total. I have attached a .png of the questionable scan.

My drive is a I/O Magic CDRW that is realy a benq 5324x CDRW. The media is Taiyo Yuden (the real thing bought from meritline.


Most drives are not capable of reporting C1 errors when performing a Disc Quality scan, and your drive is obviously among them.

It would be theoretically possible to get a scan with zero C1 errors, just like it would be possible to win the lottery every week for a lifetime. The probability is probably the same, i.e. for all intents and purposes impossible!

Many drives can report C2 errors in a Disc Quality scan, but they don’t all agree on what a C2 error is. Discs burned with good quality should have zero C2 errors, so from your scan it’s impossible to say whether your disc has zero C2 errors or whether your drive cannot report C2 errors.

If you want to know this, you can take a CD-ROM or CD-R that you don’t need for any other purpose, and use a pen with permanent ink to create a thin radial line going from the outer edge and part of the way across the disc surface towards the centre of the disc.

Once the line is dry you can scan the CD, and if your Disc Quality scan doesn’t show any C2 errors, then your drive is not capable of reporting them.


Thanks for the reply. I was afraid I had a drive that didn’t post errors:( I wanted a lite on but they did not have any at the computer stores near me:(

I heard that there was debate about writing on cds. I was wondering how much of a problem it causes. From your response it soulds like it was cause C2 errors. I geuss we are stuck with that since who wants hundreds of optical disks with no lables on them.


LOL nice scans - Seriously, it is extremely unlikely, close to impossible that a disc have 0 C1s. As far as C2s, you don’t want to get ANY on a CD-R, but zero C1s on a full disc, no way - Same holds true for DVD (PIE/PIF) - even a pressed CD / DVD has C1s/PIEs… :slight_smile: