Can I truely burn DL media at 1x?

I ame trying to burn at 1x, it sends message in log “PM Write Speed: 1x” but the actual speed stays at 2.4-2.5 the whole burn.

drive is nec 4551 with dee’s x-3 firmware.

is is possible to actually burn a 1x on this?

i’m not sure why you would WANT to burn at 1x. slower isn’t always better, and as long as you’re using quality media you should have no problems at 2.4x. When it comes to DL, most junk media won’t burn well at ANY speed so compensating isn’t going to help.

i don’t think any recent firmware will support 1x burning (unless you try to find some super old firmware)

The ND-4551A is not capable of burning at 1x. 2.4x is the slowest speed available for +R DL. And as reasonsnotrules already pointed out. Media should be burned at it’s rated speed.