Can I test my DVD's with a NEC 3500

I cant use nero cd-speed with my burner is there any other program I can use to do a disc quality scan or something like that?

no because NEC-3500 cant check disk quality. Nec Corporation dont add with the firmware quality check. meybe in the future
but the NEC 3520,NEC3540,NEC4550 can dvds quality check
NEC3520 and upper

While newer NECs can use CDSpeed quality testing, the results are unreliable. If you are going to spend the $40 you should get the Liteon 1693 and add faster ripping as well. BTW, my 1693 does as good a job burning as my 3520 on Verbatim, TDK, and TY.

My bro has an older burner and he said he could’nt use nero. So now I can tell him its his drive. Nero cd speed works great with my 1620 but not so good with the GSA-4163B Thanks guys. also does the 3500 produce good burns and if so what speed/media or stuff like that. I dont know much about the NEC drives.

Should he be considering an upgrade? hes just a casual burner nothing to serious

If you use Verbatim and TY media you should not really need scanning. I still find my 3500 is a better burner than any of my other 6. BTW, I find the 2.18 is the best firmware.

Nec burner are good. If we have a quality disc problem Liggy and Dee always help us.
They making triks witch the firmware and the quality is always better als oryginal(rip lock,bitsetting,etc)

read about latest patchet firmware

NEC 3540 —>>
NEC 3500 —>>
NEC 3520 —>>

Not the LG 4163 with 0 PIF? :wink:

great but not everyone want to have a LG optic drive :slight_smile:
I like Nec
Nec 7800a was my first drive then NEc 1300, 2510,3500,3540 and now 4550

I don’t agree concerning the 3540A :disagree: it can give reliable enough results to sort discs and check for anything wrong. And @12X, which saves much time. :cool:

The 4550A, though, is a disappointment as a scanner. PIE levels reported are all over the place and pretty inconsistent from scan to scan with the same disc (PIF reporting is OK though).

Of course this is from experience with my own drives (2 3540A and now a 4550A because I had to RMA one of my 3540A and not stock anymore :()

i assume you already have the drive if so your best “test” is a transfer rate test. it will tell you if the disc can be red back at full speed with no issues

Agree with cnlson; for all practical purposes transfer rate test is adequate to show reliability of disc play back, if that test turn Ok then burned disc as pretty much readable and no more worry. The NEC 3500 is so reliable burner that you really don’t have go through all this, as long as the burned disc play in your stand alone player fine then you do not have bother with it.

Yah, as much as I enjoy that scan, the LG only does that well on TYG02 at 4X. The 3500 gets very good burns on a much wider range of media. However if I only had one burner I would have to go with the Liteon 1693. While the burns are a little lower quality than the NECs, it rips, bitsets, and scans.

Is the 2.18 firmware made by NEC or is it made by someone else?

You can get it here. I use L&Ds with bitsetting.