Can i store images on CDs?

i wonder can I store cd images (iso, bin) on CDRs as data CDs and then put the data CD in my CDROM and use the deamon tools to make the image on the CDR as if it was burnt. I want to do this because some images are not 700MB and there is enough space on the same disk to include patches and other info.

try putting the images and patches in a folder and burning that to the cd.

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try putting the images and patches in a folder and burning that to the cd.

What do u mean. of course i am ging to put the patches in a folder. My question is if i would be able to use the deamon tools and emulate the iso from a data CD.

Most images after they are created are too large to fit on a CD. That’s why I store my game images on DVD. :slight_smile:

Hello KurtCocain.

This is quite possible. Using DiscJuggler’s “Create new CDs” task you can add all disc image formats including our own as source data for creating a Mode 1 CD-ROM or a Mode 2 CD-XA. These Data CDs can then be used as the storage devices containing the location of your disc image files and can be mounted with DaemonTools.

There might be some performance limitations, but the concept is very possible with our products.

it’s certainly possible to do this, but as was already mentioned, there’s a performance hit in having to read the image off the cd this way. i wouldn’t advise it if the cd must be constantly read while running ur program/game/whatever.

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i just tried to do that. It was very successful. I had no problem emulating my image off the data CD that i created. It’s sweet. Some images are only 570MB and there’s spce for a lot other stuff on a 700MB CD.