Can I slowdown Nero down to 2x?

Hi guys. I’m using Nero and a win xp laptop with a 40x24x10 Liteon in a usb external case (something like that anyway …). Becuase it’s usb, I’d like to be burning at only 2 speed. Unfortunately Nero and every other cd prog, lists the top speeds i.e. 24, 16, 12, down only to 8. Because 8 speed is a little fast, sum backed up pics, programs and zipped files are corrupt. Using “Nero cd speed”, and “drive speed” don’t seem to work - or I don’t know how to use them. more precisely … I mean I run some tests using Nero CD speed, and have no idea what to do with the results, and as for Nero drive speed, my problem ain’t the ‘read’ speed, it’s the ‘write’ !

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks ! :confused:

You can not write at lower speeds, because the firmware doesn’t allow it.
Writing data at 8x should not be a problem.

Nero drive speed and Nero cd speed will not work for you , i guess, because you have a usb drive.

Unfortunately USB 1.1 specification isn’t fast enough to write at anything faster than 4x.

Is the external case USB 1.1 or USB 2? If it is USB 2 you can get a CardBus to USB 2 adapter and connect your writer to that. You should be able to burn at the higher speeds with no problems then.

The box is about a year old and is only the old usb 1. I think I may have to find an older slower burner to place into it. Thanks for your time and input. Cheers !

Sorry … Also … the slowest speed Nero lets me select is 8x for writing. I have backed up my photo’s prog’s etc from my HD may times and suprisingly most data is readable - I agree with you that I should be only using 2x for writing. So, most data is ok, unfortunately I do not know which isn’t until it’s too late. I have been using the data verification after a burn, and often I receive he message saying something like a fail, but I do not know which data failed and how to remedy it. An earlier post reply said I cannot slow it down due to ‘firmware’ so I guess I need to buy a slower burner. Thanks again.