Can I/Should I/How do I get rid of this?

Using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to backup DVD’s. Did a few already and deleted the files off my hard drive (D:DVD_Video File Folder). However, also in D: drive I have the following:

DVD_VIDEO.ISO 4,571,792 KB ISO File
pagefile.sys 1,024,000 KB System File

When I double-click the ISO, it opens DVD Decrypter. Double-click System file tells me I could damage my computer by doing anything. What should I do? Seems like A LOT of KB on my computer that I should get rid of.

The .iso appears to be a dvd image file, if you’ve finished with it then delete it.

The .sys is the Windows swap file, don’t mess with it unless you know what your doing.

oh boy…

ok… you can delete the iso file if you want

DO NOT DELETE THE PAGE FILE as you system may not boot. page file is virtual ram and is necessary. your computer uses hardrive space as additional ram. you can adjust the size in the system properties in your control panel. do a google or forum search on page files and make sure you know what you are doing before you mess with it…