Can I share/write to my NEC dvd writer on the network?

Im buying some new burners now, and I have currently 2x 3500, 1x 1300, 1x2510 and one benq1600.

I have two computers. one windows XP (personal computer) one with 2000 (computer B)

OK, ive installed the nec2510 and nec3500 on my personal computer,
and the benq 1600 and Nec1300 on computer B.

My question is:
Can I somehow share my benq1600 or nec1300 on computer B so I can burn DVD’s from Computer A ?

I know i can share them over network and access them over network, but is there anyway to BURN to them as well??


i have personally been able to burn cd-rw’s over a network by using NERONET

i have not tried this with a DVD burner, but i imagine it would probably work


just tested and confirmed neronet does work for DVD writers, tested using my nec 3500ag v2.17

This is great!! THANKS!!!
Do i install this on computer A or computer B ? or both?

You need it on both PC’s and don’t try and burn over 4X over the network for a DVD, you may just manage 8X but risky :slight_smile:

I’ll have to experiment with this. :smiley:

it doesn’t matter what speed you burn it, its the same as burning it on your pc. Why? the nero client transfers an image over to the neronet server, then the neronet server burns it just as it was burning a cd image on a regular client PC :smiley:

neronet only needs to be installed on the pc hosting the dvd-burner you want to burn to, you need regular nero burning rom installed on your client PC. after you have installed neronet server, go to the client pc and open nero burning rom, file -> prefrences -> expert features / neronet

if you have questions let me know ive been using neronet to burn for like a yr now


You don’t actually need neronet, if you make the drive shared where you’re dvd image is, you can burn across your network in realtime. The way i figure is. It will take about 10 minutes to transfer the image across the network (100mbits per sec lan) using neronet before the burn starts, then whatever time it takes to burn the disc. Lets say 20 for transfer and burn, i can burn at 4X across the network in realtime in 15 minutes, or about 12 minutes at 6X . 8X is pushing it in realtime :slight_smile:

eek, burning over the network like that scares me, id rather transfer the image and have that computer burn the image than burn it over the network