Can I set maximum write speed for specific media?

I want to use Nero BackItUp with some Fujifilm branded TY disks. However after doing some tests it seems that the best quality burns are at 8x. However, BackItUp burns at the maximum rated speed for the media, or 16x for the TY disks. I am wondering if I can set my PX-716 drive to have a maximum media burn speed or 8x for the TY media or maybe even all media? That way BackItUp will burn at 8x.

I want to use BackItUp because it nicely supports disk spanning with DVD. If you know of another piece of software that does this well and has control over burn speed that would work as well.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you find a solution to this, then please let us know!

I haven’t found any way of doing it myself unfortunately.

You can enable “Silent Mode” in Plextools Pro and set a maximum burn speed that is then stored in the drive’s firmware.

With “Silent Mode” you can set the read speed for CD and DVD media as well as the write speed for CD-R media.

You cannot set the write speed for DVD media however (at least not on the PX-712A). I believe v0rtex99 was asking about DVD media.

I thought of sTisTi’s idea but seem to have the same results as DrageMester, I can’t set the write speed of DVD media. I can set everything else but when a DVD is in the drive the DVD write speed is grayed out.

This is the reply I got from Plextor yesterday:
"You’d need to set the speed in your software. We are not familiar with BackItUp, but the Roxio software we provide with the drive does allow the speed setting. You’ll need to contact Nero for assistance with their software.

Plextor America Support Team - Jack"

Not what I was looking for but I guess I am out of luck. Maybe I will have to try Roxio again. Anyone have any comments on their latest versions? I used their software a couple of years ago and hated it. Hope it is better now!?

Thanks everyone for your replies so far. I guess it is down to a software search now. Let me know your favorite and if it can do disk spanning backups.