Can I run these speakers from this?



hey folks.

a few weeks ago, I fried my stereo. I replaced it with some logitech speakers, since I was just using it for my computer.

the speakers are still good, and I want to run them off the amp that lives in the subwoofer.

an ideal setup would be a “Y” split for each left and right satellites. one goes to the satellites on my desk, the other, to the corresponding speaker (from the fried stereo) in another room. and ever more ideal: a toggle switch to turn the secondary speakers on/off.

what specs do I have to know to make sure this will work? wattage? impedance? will the extra speakers put to much drain on the amp?

the speakers are from this: Stereo

and the new logitechs are: sweet speakers

specs from the stickers:

speakers: JVC model no SP-UXP7
power handling: main 15W, sub 35W
Impedance: main: 6 ohms, sub 6 ohms.

logitechs: couldn’t find.

thanks for any help. ask for clarification if necessary. I don’t know if that what I’m getting at makes sense.



It shouldnt be a problem adding the other speakers to the subbox, in the same way the other small speakers hook up to the subbox

6 ohms is just in between a car and home stereo, so it should work either way with the big speakers. Just try playing a tune, then touching the big speaker wires to the inside and outside of the rca jack in the back of the logitech box.